An email newsletter is the sharpest tool in a company’s Web Marketing toolbox, as it enables companies to connect with their customers or members. The benefits of an email newsletter include:

  • Cost Effective – email newsletters are far more cost effective than printed newsletters, potentially saving your company thousands of dollars.
  • Interactive – in a printed newsletter you can refer to your website, but you can not be sure that your readers will retype the URL correctly or even attempt it in the first instance. With an e-newsletter, you can ensure that your site (or a PDF, sound clip, or any other web document) is just a click away.
  • Timely – an e-newsletter enables you to contact all your members instantly with important news or information.

Clients and customers are stored in an email database that can be populated in a number of different ways. Members can be:

  • imported from another database that you already have available
  • added to the system manually, one at a time
  • if enabled, subscribe or unsubscribe themselves to the mailing list, via the website.

The Newsletters section in the SilverStripe CMS then enables you to send personalised email newsletters to these members.